Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Not all foods are good for your teeth. Some can cause serious damage and lead to a whole lot of oral health concerns. So, if you want healthy and strong teeth, it’s always better to know those foods that are harmful and that are meant to be avoided at all costs.

The focus should be on not consuming foods and beverages that cause plaque or that aid in the growth of bacteria in the mouth. If are able to eat right, there is no reason why can’t you have pearly whites like others.

Worst Foods for Teeth that Can Damage

1. Dried Fruits

Dry fruits are indeed healthy but they are sticky too. And when they get stuck between the teeth and crevices, a lot of sugar will coat the teeth causing a risk of decay.

If you want to enjoy dry fruits, make sure you rinse the mouth after eating them and then brush and floss to avoid the risks. You can also consult a top dentist Greenpoint if tooth decay risks appear.

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2. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is bad for your teeth. This habit can lead to dry mouth and when that happens, the saliva production in the mouth is impacted. And with less saliva, your mouth won’t be able to rinse away all the food debris, plaque and bacteria sticking between the teeth.  This is how oral problems like tooth decay, gum disease and other oral problems happen.

3. Carbonated drinks

Consuming too much carbonated drinks can harm your teeth greatly. When you drink such beverages, the plaque in the mouth produces more acid to put the tooth enamel at risk.

When you sip on soda you basically coat the teeth in acid which can weaken the tooth structure. Worse still, the color and chemicals in such drinks can also lead to stain and dry mouth.

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4. Citrus

Too much consumption of citrus foods can actually harm your teeth. No doubt lemons, organs and grapefruits are vital for getting vitamin c, but the high acid content in them can erode and weaken the enamel and lead to decay.

So, you should consume them in moderation to benefit from antioxidants and vitamins yet avoid damage to the teeth.

5. Sour Candies

Candies are always bad for your teeth. They pack in different types of acids that can harm the teeth beyond repair. They not only contain sugar but are also chewy in nature and can stick to the teeth for a longer time. Eating sour candies and neglecting oral care afterwards can definitely cause tooth decay.

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6. Bread

The bread you eat or chew with relish can actually harm your teeth hugely. When you eat bread, the starches present in them are broken down into sugar due to the saliva. After the breakdown, a gummy-like paste is created which can stick within the crevices or between the teeth causing cavities in the process.

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7. Potato Chips

The crunchy and salty potato chips you enjoy freely can actually harm your teeth. Since they are loaded with starch, the saliva in the mouth can convert them into a gummy substance which can stay trapped between the teeth and become helpful for bacteria and plaque. But yes, you can floss between the teeth after eating chips and minimize the risk to teeth.

8. Ice

Chewing on hard ice can damage your tooth enamel. It may also lead to cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Hard ice is also bad for those with crowns as it can loosen the fittings easily. To avoid the damage from ice, it’s better to not chew on them and rather use them in the beverage or water instead.

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