The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

There’s no denying that the hair removal process is time-consuming. Conventional hair removal methods like shaving, tweezing, and waxing are effective, but they are not a long-term solution. About ten years ago, technological advancements introduced a new way of hair removal called laser hair removal. In this article, we will focus on the pros and cons of this type of treatment. Without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

Minor Side Effects

The beauty of laser hair removal is that it has a few minor side effects, and it doesn’t last more than a few days.


Unlike traditional methods, laser hair removal is a cost-effective treatment, such as razors, depilatory creams, and wax treatments. Although the upfront cost is higher, you can save a lot of money over the long haul.

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No Ingrown Hairs

With threading, waxing, and epilating, users have to tolerate the painful, tiny ingrown hairs (1). Similarly, there will be no razor irritation or burns when you undergo laser hair removal. This treatment method may improve ingrown hair.


Unlike conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal encourages that the patient shaves before the treatment begins. This helps prevent scorching of the surface hair, and the user remains fuzz-free.

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Another beauty of the treatment is precision, which means the laser targets the follicle. And this is a tremendous advantage over IPL treatment which is not suitable for people with dark skin. Besides, precision allows you to enjoy great results soon after the treatment is complete.


Laser hair removal is a quick treatment, but the procedure may take more time if a lot of area needs to be covered. Most users can experience outstanding results after the first few weeks. Plus, it eliminates the need to save or wax regularly.

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This treatment method is so effective that most patients experience permanent hair loss after only three sessions. So, the chances of success are pretty high for most patients.

Disadvantages Of Laser Hair Removal

High Upfront cost

The upfront cost of laser hair removal is higher than other types of treatments like waxing and threading. But it is relatively cost-effective in the long run. The good news is that there are some cheaper alternatives out there. For instance, a portable laser hair removal device can be purchased at a fraction of a retail unit price.


Laser hair removal won’t give instant results, unlike razor or wax treatments. After the treatment, hairs fall out gradually as they die. This process may take several weeks to complete. So, it’s better to shave in the meantime if you have an essential event.

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Temporary changes in pigment

After the treatment session, the skin may change color in response to the exposure to light. But there is nothing to worry about as the effect is temporary.

Not suitable for everyone

Laser hair removal is not suitable for some parts of the body, such as the face, genitals, and eyebrows. Similarly, it’s not suitable for people with fine or vellus hair. On the other hand, people with fair skin and dark hair may experience the best results.

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Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Some patients experience some minor side effects after the treatment. For instance, they may suffer skin irritation in the form of tingling, itching, swelling, and redness. But the good news is that these symptoms go away in a few hours.

In some cases, people experience skin pigment alterations. For instance, the skin may become lighter or darker. Again, these symptoms are temporary. Similarly, the sensitivity of the skin to light or touch is another minor side effect. However, covering the treated area can help solve the problem.

Other side effects include scarring (2), crusting, or blistering, but they are pretty rare. Typically, these side effects occur when the skin is over-treated. In this situation, it’s better to keep the treated area as clean as possible to prevent infection.

There you have it. These are just some of the pros and cons of laser hair removal. Overall, the advantages of this treatment method outweigh the disadvantages. Professional companies that offer this type of treatment usually use the most advanced laser technologies and equipment to ensure they provide the safest and fastest treatments. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about trying this treatment approach for the first time, especially if you visit trusted and reliable hair removal clinics like Bare Tattoo & Hair Removal.

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