How to Revamp and Refresh Your Salon

Is your salon in need of a fresh coat of paint or new salon equipment? If you are finding areas of your salon or business, you would like to refresh or renovate, and it may be time to revamp your shop!

Whether your salon needs significant renovation or could be rearranged to make your floor plan more conducive to your business’s growth, we have a few ideas on how you can take your salon from drab to fab. 

Tips to Revamp and Refresh Your Salon

Decorate the Waiting and Reception Area

Do your clients have a cute and cozy place to wait when they first arrive at your salon? The waiting and reception area often serves as the first impression of your salon, meaning that guests should have a place to relax and settle in before they get to the chair.

You can always spice up your waiting room with chic salon reception furniture and accent pillows. You may want to consider reception seating that can be easily wiped down between clients. It’s a great way to set the tone for your guests. So if you’re looking to elevate one area of your salon, this could be a great place to start. 

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Replace Outdated and Worn Salon Equipment 

Have you noticed excessive wear and tear on your salon stations and styling chairs? Whether your stylists have brought it to your attention or you feel that your salon could get an instant refresh by replacing your existing equipment with new salon styling stations, this is a great way to breathe new life into your shop. By renovating these stations, your employees will also feel more supported and happy to come into work. Studies show that renovations boost employee morale

Create a Statement Wall or Repaint the Salon

You would be surprised at just how easily a statement wall could transform your salon. Pick a bold color that fits in well with your salon’s current aesthetics and use that color to paint an entire wall for a fun pop of color. If your salon could use a new coat of paint all around, pick a neutral color that will brighten and refresh your salon. 

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Make Your Salon Instagrammable 

Does your salon have a social media presence that your clients love to interact with? Whether or not your company focuses on social media, you could elevate your salon and social media presence by adding a photo wall where stylists can take pictures of their work and clients can snap selfies after they get their hair done.

Get a neutral-colored backdrop or a backdrop with your logo on it that serves as the perfect backdrop for a selfie. You could also invest in ring lights so that your stylists and clients get the best selfie lighting. Make sure that you create signage with your salon’s hashtags and handles so that you encourage your clients to post and tag you. 

Add in Aesthetically Pleasing Organization

Where do you keep shampoo, conditioner, and other supplies? Are they hiding away in the supply closet? If so, you could refresh and revamp your salon by using organization shelves above the shampooing station that showcase your products while also giving your hair salon a unique look. Storing color in a thoughtful and beautiful shelving unit can also provide a professional feel while also making it easy for your stylists to find the color they are looking for.

Brighten Up Your Salon 

A quick way to breathe some new life into your salon is by brightening. Whether you pull back drapes or blinds to let in natural light or you add in lighting that makes the space brighter, lots of light will add a burst of sunshine to everyone’s day.

Sometimes just updating the bulbs in your salon can make a vast improvement. You can also add salon mirrors and incorporate LED light strips for additional ambient lighting. Sometimes just updating the bulbs in your salon can make a vast improvement. You can also add salon mirrors with LED light strips for different ambient lighting. 

Update Your Retail Area

Do you have any products you’re excited about selling to clients as they walk out the door? If so, display them in creative ways using unique retail displays that match your salon’s vibe and aesthetic. Choose from intricate shelving that shows all of the products you offer in exciting ways or go for a more minimalist approach by simplifying shelves with one or two products showcased to create emphasis. Either way, your clients will be intrigued. 

Decorate with Plants

If you want to give your salon a more modern feel that’s also relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, you should add some plants! From tall floor plants to tiny succulents, these green shrubs instantly elevate a room. Not only do plants make great decor, but they can also improve the air quality in your salon. 

Need More Change? Renovate!

Not every salon needs a significant renovation to refresh and revamp the space. Still, if you find that you and your stylists are outgrowing your current space or the business has driven a need for a new layout or separate rooms to handle new services, then it may be time for a salon renovation.

We recommend trying out some of these refresh ideas to see if they positively impact your space before determining whether your salon needs a renovation. Renovations can be costly. They take a lot of time to complete, which means your business may be affected — whereas with these simple design hacks and refresh tips, and you could easily accomplish them without affecting business. 

Are you feeling inspired to elevate and refresh your salon? We sure hope so! Change is always good, and we are sure your clients and employees will appreciate the much-needed revamp. 

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