The ‘Hair Tan’: The Perfect Way to Have Sun-Kissed Highlights Throughout the Seasons

For many, the summer months include soaking up some much-needed vitamin D. Whether it’s on the beach, by the pool or on a walk around the neighborhood, there are so many ways to get out in the sun. Though it’s important for all hair types to protect the scalp and hair from the sun, there’s a chance your hair might get a tad lighter and brighter over the course of the summer — especially if it’s a light blonde shade.

On the other hand, summer always comes to an end and fall weather becomes the norm. If you’re looking for a way to transition from summer hair into a new fall look, then do yourself a favor and consider getting a “Hair Tan”! Here’s everything you need to know about the look, who should try it and how it can help take your hair from summer to fall.

What Is a Hair Tan?

Before you jump to conclusions, a Hair Tan is a salon hair color look that takes hair and highlights from summer to fall. There is no actual sunlight involved in the making of this hair trend. The look utilizes specific shades of professional hair color to work with the existing hair color and take it from bright, sunny and summery to warm, laid-back and ready for fall.

The Hair Tan is a look that resembles an effortless surfer girl look as opposed to platinum or bright beach blonde. When executed correctly, the results offer a super stylish and flattering hair look that can only be described as a mix between balayage, babylights and traditional highlights. A Hair Tan melts colors together and produces natural-looking results for those thinking about warming up their blonde color or simply wanting to try something new for the coming season.

This particular look is effortless and can take you from season to season. Since it’s more subtle and natural looking than bright blonde looks or even a full balayage, it’s more low maintenance than you might think and requires less frequent touch-ups. Simply put, this look is fabulous and universally flattering.

The Best Candidates for the Hair Tan

This trend is surprisingly versatile and works well on all different hair types and lengths. Having said that, the look works best on those who are interested in toning down their already light-colored hair. A Hair Tan is ideal for blondes who want to transition from cool, bright spring and summer shades to warmer, more subdued and sultry fall and winter shades. Don’t get it confused, though, because a Hair Tan looks great and can work with your complexion throughout the year!

If you don’t currently have blonde or very light hair, you can still absolutely get the look. When consulting with your stylist, make sure to show them pictures of the exact look you want and prepare to have your hair lightened using a professional lightener at the salon. This will allow the highlights to show up and the lighter shades to become visible.

A Note for Stylists

If you’re a stylist eager to learn more about this popular hair color look, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the technique that produces the best Hair Tan results. After deciding on a set of highlight shades that flatter the client’s natural hair undertones and base shade, apply the highlight shades to the hair in well-blended sections. When blending, focus on the middle of the hair and blend into the ends and upwards towards the roots without highlighting the full strand. This will add to the blended and natural look.

When styling a Hair Tan at the salon, it’s important to think about how to showcase the client’s fresh highlights. Since a Hair Tan is a more laid-back look, a simple yet stylish blowout should do the trick. Using a round brush will help add some dimension to the hair and allow the newly created highlights to catch the light in different areas. The round brush will also allow for more hair movement and body, creating a super healthy and natural-looking style.

Other than a heat protectant and any other necessary products, try to minimize the usage of thick or sticky hair products like heavy hairspray. This look is best when left to move on its own and remain touchably soft throughout the day! Make sure to tell your clients how to maintain their new Hair Tan before they leave the salon by using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, as well as other nourishing hair products recommended by the salon.

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