Almond Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Almond oil has nourishing and hydrating which helps to make hair healthy and shiny. Using almond oil for hair gives moisture for hair and scalp too.

Why Almond Oil?

Bu massing almond oil you can reduce split ends, breakage, dry roots, and itchy scalp. Improve the blood flow in the head by apply oil on the scalp directly.

Almond Oil for Hair

1. Promote hair growth

One of the important nutrients for hair growth is Biotin, also referred to as Vitamin H. it is a derivative of Vitamin B that prevents hair problems such as thinning of hair.

Almond Oil includes Biotin. By massaging the soil on hair prominent the biotin which improves hair growth and prevents hair thinning.

Some people today choose Biotin supplements to generate their hair fuller, but you can get comparable advantages by employing almond oil into your hair too.

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2. Soothe flaking and itching of the scalp

The dead cells in the scalps may cause hair problems. This build-up leads to itching, dandruff, flaking, and inhibits healthy hair development.

How can Almond oil Help? As we mentioned previously, Using almond oil for hair use for nourishing and moisturizing.

The properties of Almond oil helps in removing the dead cells in the scalp. You may even leave it immediately for maximum results.

3. Repair and Strengthen the Hair

The lubricating properties of almond oil protect hair from damage. The oleic acid and lactic acid within the oil enhances the resilience of their hair.

The Vitamin E present in it has an antioxidant property that resists environmental stress. Massage your hair with sweet almond oil for healthier and younger hair.

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4. Softens the Hair

If your hair becoming entangled in knots and become more difficult to clean. By regular massage with almond oil for hair makes the hair soften, which makes it easier to comb.

As a result of the anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil may fill the gaps in your hair at the cellular level, improving overall feel.

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How to Use Almond Oil for Hair?

1.  Egg and Almond Oil

Eggs have a good amount of proteins that help nourish hair follicles and encourage hair growth(1).  It also used to control frizzy and dry hair.

  1. Whisk 4 tbsp of almond oil and 1 raw egg until getting a smooth mixture.
  2. Wash your hair and dry it.
  3. Apply the smooth mixture on the washed hair.
  4. Leave for 40 minutes
  5. Rinse the hair with shampoo.

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2. Olive Oil and Almond Oil

Research on mice says that oleuropein in olive oil can induce hair loss(2).

  1. Mix 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp almond oil in a bowl.
  2. Massage the scalp with the oil for ten minutes.
  3. Let the oil downwards and sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Wash and clean hair with a shampoo.

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3. Lemon Juice and Almond Oil

Lemon Juice has Vitamin C which boosts collagen production and improves hair growth(3).

    1. Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of almond oil in a bowl.
    2. Massage the scalp with the oil for 5 minutes and sit for 3o minutes.
    3. Wash it off with shampoo.

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