The Benefits of Manicures

When it comes time to treat yourself, a manicure always seems to be on the schedule. And for a good reason too! You deserve to sit back and relax while being pampered, bringing a little extra sparkle to your appearance. Plus, there’s nothing as strangely satisfying as clicking your freshly manicured fingers across a hard surface.

By turning to your trusted manicurist, such as those at, you can leave feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

6 Benefits of Manicures

But did you know that manicures provide additional benefits than simply adding to your stunning look? Let’s take a look at some of those benefits below!

Increased Blood Circulation

Any respectable manicure comes with a soothing hand massage. This is guaranteed to get your blood moving around, as well as reduce any tension or pain you may be feeling in your hands. Increased blood circulation also helps maintain joint mobility while decreasing swelling. This is perfect for those who are constantly working with their hands, whether that be physical labour or typing all day at a computer.

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Smoother Skin

Another element of a manicure is a thorough exfoliation, cleansing away all that dead or rough skin. Not only does this help eliminate unwanted germs or bacteria, but it allows new, healthier cells to emerge, thus giving your hands a healthy, younger appearance.

Hands also tend to crack in the winter, thanks to the cool, dry air. By making regular appointments with your manicurist, you can ensure your hands are properly cared for with exfoliants and creams, decreasing the likelihood of painful, cracked fingers.

Additionally, exfoliation combined with massages helps to decrease cellulite and tighten the skin, which helps to resist the looks of ageing.

Healthier Nails

The cuticle that forms over your nail is actually dead, overgrown skin. By pushing it back, your nails not only look longer, but your cuticles can remain healthy and stimulate new cell growth. Additionally, the clipping, cleaning, and shaping of your fingernails prevents infections and broken nails, thus ensuring your hands don’t experience pain on a daily basis. Plus, manicurists take the time to remove those pesky hangnails and ensure the area surrounding your nail is clean.

Manicures Benefits
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Improved Mental Health

Taking the time to focus on yourself and do something that is solely for you can have a greater impact on your mental health than you may think! The workweek can feel long and overwhelming, so allowing someone else to show you some TLC can feel incredibly rewarding. Plus, feeling good about how you look can add to your self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to feel more comfortable and put together in social situations.

Increased Self-Expression

Don’t limit your individuality to your clothes! Playing with your nail colour, shape, and design is an effective way to showcase your style and allow you to have fun with your look. That way, upon greeting someone with a handshake, you can show off a bit of personality without even saying a word!

Added Relaxation

During your nail appointment, you don’t have the option to look at your phone or connect to work. Instead, you have the perfect excuse to set time aside that allows you to focus solely on yourself. A manicure is an aspect of the spa experience designed to soothe your body. So breathe deep and give in to the calming environment.

Manicures genuinely allow you to look and feel your best. Plus, they are a relatively inexpensive way to show yourself some love and attention. So the next time you’re considering getting a manicure, don’t hesitate! The benefits are undoubtedly worth it.

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