What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Men?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sperm production, fat storage, muscle growth, bone health, and red blood cell manufacturing. Men produce it in their testicles. It starts going down when a man turns 35. Also, chronic illnesses, injuries, obesity, environmental factors, and hormonal disorders lead to low-T.  Low testosterone levels cause depression, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, and hair loss; therefore, they need testosterone therapy.

Testosterone therapy is a treatment to restore testosterone levels and includes injections, gels, implantable pellets, and patches. The different kinds of therapy are good for different needs. For example testosterone injection for bodybuilding is a common practice for muscle building. A qualified physician then monitors their patient regularly for improvements and tests them yearly. Patients have to take treatment indefinitely because symptoms may reappear when they stop. Those with disruptive sleep apnea, severe UTIs, severe heart failure, and extremely high red-blood-cell counts should avoid the treatment. Below are some physical and mental benefits of this therapy for men.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Men

1. Improved Libido

Low-T causes decreased libido. When a man gets testosterone therapy, the chemical induces libido faster and for longer. The effect is that there are more erections, greater performance during sex, and an increased sperm count. Also, it boosts fertility which is great for men who want to have children.

2. Minimized Depression and Mood Swings

When a physician gives a person testosterone replacement, the symptoms of depression caused by low-T lift. They get better sleep patterns, increased energy, a healthy appetite, and an increased desire to live.

3. Added Lean Muscle

Visiting a doctor for therapy helps men lose weight by increasing their desire for exercise and changing fat delivery in the body. Also, it attaches itself to the body’s androgen receptors, which causes muscle growth and a leaner-looking physique.

4. Increased Energy Levels

Men with low-T experience decreased energy and fatigue. Testosterone therapy boosts their energy and endurance when doing physical activities, such as walking, lifting heavy goods, and running. It also increases leg, arm, and hand-grip strength.

5. Strengthened Bones

When a doctor administers treatment, it increases mineral density in the bones, which strengthens them. It also reduces the risk for osteoporosis and boosts athletic performance.

6. Added Cellular Activity

Low-T affects the body’s cellular functions, so testosterone therapy increases cellular activity, improving blood cell levels and oxygen intake in the body.

Moreover, testosterone reduces cardiovascular disease risks (heart attacks and strokes) by widening healthy arteries.

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7. Boosted Mental Capacity

Low levels of testosterone cause loss of concentration and anxiety when performing tasks. When a physician gives a man therapy, the benefits include increased alertness, spatial relations, and assertiveness. In addition, it lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, improves mathematical reasoning and verbal memory.

8. Better Sleep Quality

Low-T causes reduced sleep duration and quality and disturbances when sleeping. Testosterone therapy balances the circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, which leads to better sleep quality.

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9. Reduced Recovery Time

Higher testosterone acts as a recovery chemical when a man does soft tissue or heavy workouts. This reduces the time a person’s tissues and muscles recover.

10. Lowered Cholesterol

Men who get testosterone therapy have lower cholesterol levels because a signal gets sent to the pituitary gland, then the testicles release testosterone. The testosterone gets produced by cholesterol conversion, so it lessens in the body.

11. Less Side Effects

With the guidance of a qualified doctor, men who get the treatment experience minimal side effects. The most common one is acne on the back because of the DHT chemical in the treatment, which boosts oil production in the sebaceous glands.

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12. Boosted Confidence

Men who undergo testosterone replacement treatment take more risks because high hormone levels add drive and confidence to their lives.

When the signs and symptoms of low testosterone become too much for you to bear, it may be time to seek physician-supervised treatment. No man should live his life at anything below 100%. Take charge of your life and become a better you.

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