When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

Finding the time to exercise is hard for many because of tight-packed routines and schedules. But most of the time you are just slacking and finding excuses, not to work out. Some like to workout early morning. Some feel easy to work out after work.

While others can sneak workout during lunchtime or late at night. There is no reliable and scientific proof that a certain time is best or better. Put on your workout clothes and lets exercise.

Does a specific time really matter?

Some people recommend working out first thing in the morning. For reason like, it does not put your schedule at hold or conflict with other tasks. It helps burn more fat. It makes you energized, focused, and productive throughout the day.

The problem is you can get late for work or have to rush through a bath and breakfast (which is really important) after the morning workout. Secondly, it is not true that morning workouts or working out on an empty stomach will burn more fat, in the long run. Over a longer time, this process doesn’t offer advantages.

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The research shows that two groups of randomly selected women, one fast and another drank a 250-calorie shake before workouts lost the same fat or weight. So, all that waking up early putting on workout clothes and working out on an empty stomach is just working out while thinking about food.

Another similar study found out the weight loss results were the same among women who didn’t and did eat or drink before high-intensity interval workouts.

If you get shivers down your spine just by the thought of waking up early morning for a workout. Or you are not a morning person then cheer up. Research shows that later in the day you are better at power and flexibility. Meaning if you work out late afternoon or after work, the body is less likely to feel how hard the exercise is.

But neither this means it is the best time for you to workout nor other times are any lesser than this. If you want to workout in the morning or late at night the body will slowly adjust to it and get at its peak performance. The human body is just great as it adjusts its 24-hour clock according to your routine. Consistency will eliminate the performance gap but be patient as it takes some time.

Meaning you will have as a greater workout in the morning as you will at any other time of the day.

Exercising after work is more convenient for many. Night workouts disrupt sleep is a common misbelief and proven according to a study. The reality is the opposite, working out at night can help you sleep better but just don’t make it close to bedtime. Because the raised adrenalin levels can be a problem. It is recommended that you complete it at least an hour before bedtime.

Plus, it might be better in a way that it helps wick off the work-related stress and other pressure you might have. Thus, it is as good as any other time.

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What time is best?

The short answer is every time and any time of the day is good if it suits you. No time has priority just because it is early morning or late at night.

Each time has its benefits and perks. If you are having a problem working out during the day you can always try other times. If you don’t feel comfortable and happy working out at the time you are don’t push yourself for it. But don’t be too quick to decide, give it some time and workout through that time patiently and calmly. Then see if the results and your routine are all good.

Whatever time of the day or night you are working out on be sure to track your progress. Also, note your mood through the rest of the day if you have changes workout timings. Note things down instead of just remembering it, because you could not. Then by the end review the notes you took and decide based on that. Some specific time might have perks over other depending and just because of your routine and mood during that time.

All you have to do now is see either you are good at the time you already work at or not. If yes, then just stick to it. If not, you are free to try working out at any other time you like.

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