Practice These Martial Arts for A Great Workout

Martial arts come with many benefits among which physical and mental fitness is one of the great benefits. Martial art training strengthens the entire body and mind so that you can act fast and better to get you better at self-defense.

While achieving this goal the body is trained to be strong, flexible, and fast which gives it a full-body workout. Martial arts can help you gain physical and mental strength. Before you get on with the best martial arts for fitness, buy the best martial art gear and apparel because you will need it.

Best Martial Arts for Fitness


This martial art style was developed to stop and get control over the opponent fast. It is a mix of different techniques from different martial arts. The goal is to be fast and gain good control in a short time. To gain all these qualities Krav Maga training is intense. It makes sure you can deliver a lot of power and gain a dominant position all that in the shortest time.

A combination of sit-ups, squats, and lunges is a usual Krav Maga warm-up. There is a lot more in training, as you proceed you will also train on how to deal with weapons. But in the beginning, knee, foot, and elbow strikes, palm hits, and grappling will be your daily drill.

Krav Maga shows no mercy, that is one of the reasons why it is a deadly workout and self-defense technique. So, it does not have any tournaments or sparring sessions it is just training.

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Learn to throw an effective punch and you can end a fight right there and then. But boxing also improves your footwork. Thus, it is a full-body workout. The usual drill is a combination of jumping ropes, running, shadow boxing, heavy and speed bag training followed by a sparring session.

So first off thinking that boxing, not a full-body workout is dumb. Where did that speed footwork come from then? Second, it burns a lot of calories. A simple daily drill will make your muscles sore like you would not imagine. You can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

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Here comes the martial art that not only works on full-body but teaches you how to use the full body. Muay Thai is called the art of 8 limbs, here is why. The training teaches you how to use your legs, knees, knees, and elbows to strike and defend. There is more, you also learn how different clinching and submissions and using weapons.

To learn these killer moves you have to go through a grueling workout. Have a look at a Muay Thai fighter, see how flexible, balanced, and powerful their strikes are. Don’t worry because with time and dedicated training you will soon become great and of course, lose a lot of weight.

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Judo will burn your fat but you won’t have to kick and punch. The holds, locks, and throws will do the magic. Judo is a tough cardio workout with a little bit of weight lifting. Losing weight is fun and has a learning perspective with martial art and judo is a good option. Especially, if you don’t like striking and punching.


Jujitsu training is a lot of cardio, stretching, resistance and strength workout. Submissions, chokes, gaining a dominant position, throwing opponents, and pinning them might seem easy but it will work up your body good. Plus, it is a lot of fun rolling around on the mats.

Other than that, you will also be doing workouts like squats, push-ups,etc. The training and sparring here require an opponent which gives you motivation.

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MMA has become a popular form of martial arts thanks to UFC and hyped televised events fights. This is a combination of martial art techniques from judo, jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. When you have to practice such different and this many techniques you sure will have a great full-body workout. Don’t be intimidated by all the scarce and blood you see on TV. It can be as calm and safe as any other martial art and sport.

Punching bags, heavy ropes, pushing sleds, burpees, kicking, throwing opponents and strength training are intense MMA workouts and burn a lot of calories. The workouts often involve lifting weights

Bottom line

Fundamentally, every martial art form can help you lose weight and get you in shape. No form is better or lesser than others. It is just the practitioner who is better at it. In the end when you have to decide on what martial art to choose it is a hard choice. But you can narrow it down by pointing out what you want. Some forms are better at improving stamina, strength, and flexibility than others. Similarly, some are better at self-defense comparatively.

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