Top 7 Healing Crystals: Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Whether you are carelessly scrolling down your Instagram feed, or you are web surfing for your next favorite blog, it is more than likely you’ve come across the topic of crystals and their healing properties. According to spiritual science, every object in the universe is emitting a particular energy, including us humans. Crystals are minerals that hold energy which makes us able to exchange it with the crystal when we use it.

How Are Crystals Healing?

When we talk about the healing properties of a crystal, it is important to note that they are not a replacement to any kind of modern medicine, and should not be treated as such. That being said, crystals have become a very popular and fun boost of energy that help with our everyday lives, manifesting positive outcomes and removing toxic vibes around us. Each crystal has its own unique purpose, so for example, some are great for manifesting money while others can help out in the love department.

Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry

Crystals normally come in the shape of a rock and are placed throughout the house to emit healing energy and achieve its purpose. You might also decide to take it with you, but this can become difficult if you are carrying a small purse, or the crystal is too big. This is why crystals are being turned into beautiful gemstones and made into jewelry that is probably one of the most popular ways to carry a crystal with you at all times. There are many ways you can wear a crystal as jewelry – as a cute necklace with your birthstone, fun earrings with gemstones that promote success, or a dainty ring whose stone might just make you fall in love again. 

Picking the right gemstone jewelry might seem like a daunting task, especially considering how many of them are out there, and all of the healing properties they all hold? A gemstone for health? For money? For love and success? Um, ALL of them please. To make this gemstone hunt a tad easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of top 7 healing crystals that are most popular amongst gemstone jewelry, and that are highly believed to possess these healing properties.

Top Healing Crystals

Turquoise – The Blue Crystal

Turquoise is believed to be a master healer, an energetic bridge between heaven and earth. Its properties are mostly tied to luck and the protection of mind & body. Turquoise jewelry is especially lucky because when given as a gift, its healing properties will be magnified, so consider passing one to a friend or family member who could use a little luck on their side.

WaterLily Necklace
Source: misahara

Rose Quartz – Stone of Unconditional Love

Known also as the stone of the zodiac sign Taurus, rose quartz opens up the heart chakra encouraging love and trust. It restores harmony in all relationships through forgiveness and it’s one of the most popular gemstones among jewelry. A statement ring, or dazzling rose quartz earrings are what you need if you want to manifest more love and trust around you. 

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Citrine – A Crystal of Light

Citrine, a November birthstone, reminds us to be mindful and appreciate the world as it is right now. However, citrine is also all about dreaming big and always remaining positive. It helps release negative emotions such as fear and doubt. So, next time you are heading to that stressful meeting, don’t forget to rock a citrine ring for that extra enthusiasm!

Amethyst – Purple Stone of Calm and Relaxing Vibe

The amethyst crystal is a highly spiritual stone that’s thought to help open up the third eye and connect people to their intuition. It’s also associated with mental clarity and spiritual wisdom. In more practical ways, it aids sleep and helps rid the mind of negative thoughts. Had a rough night? Then we suggest wearing some vibrant amethyst jewelry to clear the head and cut through the noise.

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Moonstone – A Stone of Feminine Energy

Moonstone can be found all over the world and it’s known for its light blue, translucent hues. True to its name, this stone is thought to be closely tied to feminine lunar energy, and it’s a great one to keep by your bedside as a reminder to relax and tap into your more intuitive and receptive side before bed. If you want to keep it even closer to your heart, then we suggest wearing it as a necklace, keeping that feminine energy flowing at all times.

Misahara necklace
Source: misahara

Black Tourmaline – Energy Bodyguard

Deep, black color or this crystal repel any form of negative energy before entering your life. It is a powerful protector stone with the ability to ground a space and clear it of negativity. Keep it to maintain a light and positive vibe at home. 

Aventurine – A Stone of Sublime Prosperity and Purpose

Aventurine can help you to overcome feelings of self-doubt and feel more optimistic since, like rose quartz, it’s thought to open the energy of the heart. The next time you’re feeling anger and frustration bubble up in your chest, hold on to your favorite aventurine piece, take a few deep breaths with aventurine in your hand to calm down.

Choose Your Crystal and Let It Do the Work

Whether placed around your wrist, on your neck close to your heart, or just at your work desk at home, crystals can have an amazing impact on the quality of life and overall happiness. Think about what aspect of your life currently needs the most improvement, and search for your perfect crystal! For instance, a pair of meaningful birthstone earrings that you can wear everyday is a great start. Besides, who needs an excuse for a new piece of jewelry?!

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