Common Weight Loss Challenges that Hamper Your Fitness Journey

Are you tired of trying to lose weight and keep failing again and again? You are not alone, as several people have shared the same experience. Several reasons could have been causing this, which we have discussed below.

Common Weight Loss Challenges

Lack of Motivation:

This is the primary reason why people fail to become fit. They are eager to achieve something as they start, but they become lazy and lose motivation with time. It is tough to maintain the same excitement to become fit after a specific duration, which is why you have to figure out what motivates you the most and keep pushing yourself.


You may be working out and taking time to eat healthily, but 2-3 times a week. On the remaining days, you are too busy to find time to work out or hang out with friends and eat unhealthy food. In your mind, you are following a good lifestyle. Hence, you should get results, but the reality is something different. You cannot become fit if you are not consistent in making efforts. You have to be serious about the weight loss journey at least days a week. You can take a break one day every week, but keep pushing yourself to do better for the remaining days.

Time Constraints:

Weight loss is not your only goal in life. You have a job and a personal life too. Sometimes you prioritize work out at the bottom of the list of things to do, which is why it is easy to skip it. You may assume you have no way to accommodate work out at times, but that is not true. You may not hit the gym, but you can always walk while taking office calls and stand and work instead of sitting. These small changes can also make a big difference to help you stay fit.

Stress Eating:

Most of us have a hectic lifestyle, which leads to stress. People who suffer from an eating disorder tend to binge eat when stressed. This only leads to weight gain. Deal with stress more creatively rather than harm your body. Remember to find time for yourself every day to help keep stress at bay to avoid overeating.

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Unrealistic Goals:

Out of sheer desperation, many of us of getting fit as soon as possible set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. If you succeed, you will only e exhausted at the end of the process and get back to old habits. If you do not lose weight, it will cause frustration. This is why slow and steady is the only way to get fit.

Ineffective Exercise Regimen:

The majority of people who work out are not following the best regime that would work for them. Following a generic workout regimen will not help you. Get the help of an expert to formulate a set specific to your body type. Include challenging exercises like plank, squats, and lunges. Learn the benefits of plank exercises to understand how a simple exercise helps you get fitter.

The Bottom Line:

It is easy to make excuses and various reasons for failing, but the ground reality is that you will succeed if you have aimed for something and work towards it. Stay consistent and get expert help if you eagerly seek to become fit and stay fit.

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