Reduce Breast Pain with Evening Primrose Oil

Most 7 out of 10 women suffer from breast pain in certain stages in their life. Breast pain may cause when various hormones change in breast tissues during the menstrual cycle. It is commonly known as mastalgia.

Types of Breast Pain

Cyclical Breast Pain: It is a common 2 in 3 women. It can at any at age of women after the period starts and mostly found in 30 to 50 age.

Non-Cyclical Breast Pain: This pain is not related to the period. This mostly found in women over 40 age.


Here is the factor may include breast pain.

  • Reproductive hormones
  • Fatty acid imbalance
  • Breast size
  • Breast surgery.
  • Breast structure
  • Medication use

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Evening Primrose Oil for Breast Pain

Study(1) says evening primrose oil helps to reduce inflammation and also inhibit prostaglandins that may cause cyclical breast pain. By taking Vitamin for 6 months many prevent cyclical breast pain.

It contains enough “fatty acid” that helps to reduce breast pain.

How to use

  • You can take 1 to 3 grams EPO for 6 months
  • Also, you can take 2.4 ml EPO for 6 months
  • You can take 1,200 mg of vitamin E for six months

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